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Pete and Louise Robertson are passionate about enabling you to enjoy the outdoors both here in their home of Snowdonia along with many other fantastic locations throughout Great Britain.

Whether you want to challenge yourself selecting an activity such as the Snowdon Horseshoe, abseiling, single pitch climbing or mine exploration or if you prefer to explore the fantastic walks through stunning valleys, following pure rivers, learning the industrial past such as the copper mines or the slate industry whilst enjoying the stunning views we are here to make this happen.

Pete Robertson

Snowdonia Peaks and Valleys

I grew up in the Welsh Borders and spent most of my childhood developing an interest for the great outdoors and primarily for rivers and fishing.

My parents were not outdoor people however we did head over to the Lakes and Snowdonia for some of our summer holidays and they introduced us to hill walking and as a family we had many memorable days in the hills and mountains and these included The old man of Coniston, Cat Bells, Helvellyn, Snowdon and Siabod and planted a seed in my young mind.

For the next few years I lived in Oxfordshire but had an urge to return to Wales and at the age of sixteen I returned to the Welsh Borders and was introduced to Caving and Mine Exploration by my older brother and this activity rapidly became an obsession and led to me spending many years exploring, extending and finding new caves and mines throughout Britain with caving trips out to France, Spain and Slovenia.

During all this time spent caving without realising it my love for the mountains was growing all the time along with a desire to climb the rock faces and progressively these activities became as much part of my life as caving and this has led to me traveling, climbing or caving in The Alps, The dolomites, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, China.

When I was eighteen I joined North Wales Cave Rescue and am still an active member and during my time with this team I have been the chair, Equipment Officer and Controller.

On Moving to Snowdonia I was asked if I was interested in becoming a member of Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team, something I did and held the position of Equipment Officer for many years & Coordinator within the team. I quickly realised that throughout all of these activities one of the greatest joys was enabling and encouraging others to take their first steps in these activities or to help people gain experience and knowledge to enable them to explore their chosen activity on their own or with friends.

I have had the privilege of working with some up and coming rock climbers, some as young as 10 years old and some who have progressed to being some of the best climbers in Britain, a privilege indeed.

My greatest joy now is to enable people to take part in outdoor activities at whatever level suits them, enabling them to achieve their goals in a safe and controlled way whilst still maintaining the sense of achievement and challenge.

I hold the following Outdoor related qualifications:

ML- Mountain Leader Award
SPA- Single Pitch Award
LCMLA - Level 1 & 2
ECMR - Emergency Care Mountain Rescue Advanced
REC- Rescue Emergency Care Certificate
The Queens Golden Jubilee Medal  for services to Mountain Rescue
The Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal
The Queens Platinum Jubilee Medal


Louise Robertson

Snowdonia Peaks and Valleys

I was definately a ferel child spending most of my childhood outside in the woods for hours on end, eventually having to come home and spend the week in school waiting in anticipation for the evenings and weekends to come. I fell in love with mine exploration by accident when I asked my now husband Pete one day if he would take me caving, he duly did and said wear some old clothes, I thought nothing much else of it. Turning up the following day in my favourite cream cords, white fleece and furry boots he put me in a cotton boiler suit and took me caving, I was then hooked and spent the next 10 years exploring the mines and caves of North West Wales.

I fell in love with the Mountains of North Wales where I moved to Llanberis approximately 30 years ago. My love for rock climbing developed along with walking & Scrambling in the mountains in most weathers for fun and work. Considering I was not introduced to the mountains as a child, that seed for exploration bug has got hold of me and has taken me as far as Slovenia, China, America, and Europe. I hope Snowdonia Peaks and Valleys can inspire you to do the same.

I am an  Operational team member and Co ordinator for Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team where I have been for about 20 years,  I chair the medical sub group to ensure the team has the best what is out there and staying ahead of current MR trends.

I  hold the following Outdoor relevant qualifications, when I am not teaching first aid I can be found working as an Outdoor freelance instructor on the rock, underground or on the sea.

SCQF - Level 8 Planning & Delivering Training Sessions to Groups
REC Trainer/Provider
ML Award – Mountain Leader Summer award
SPA – Single Pitch Award
LCMLA Level 2 vertical award
ECMR – Emergency Care Mountain Rescue Advanced
MREW - Casualty Care Certificate
REC –Advanced
The Queens Golden Jubilee Medal for services to Mountain Rescue
The Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal 
The Queens Platinum Jubilee Medal

Snowdonia Peaks and Valleys

Snowdonia Peaks and Valleys

Snowdonia Peaks and Valleys

Snowdonia Peaks and Valleys